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Flashback is the home of After Dark Fansubs and the former of home of the international fan community for Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

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After Dark Fansubs

After Dark Fansubs came together on the AKFGFan forums adding subtitles to AKFG videos before branching out to other bands. We aim to help English speaking fans enjoy and more wholly engage in Japanese music and to introduce them to new music at the same time.

Please remember to support the artists and buy what you enjoy.

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If you have any of our video files (or have a download link saved) and are willing to help us rebuild our subs database again, please contact me at contact[at]rith.id.au.

What happened to the old site?

The original owner and webmaster of AKFGFan became too busy to keep the site running as other life priorities took over. I took control of the site towards the latter part of 2012 in an effort to keep the site alive, but alas it was too much to bring back as most of it was lost in transition.

If you would like to continue getting your AKFG fix, please have a look at our friends AKFG Fragments, detailed to the right of this page.


Translators: Sato, Aussiehottiemjm, Suzumi, Chadd
Encoders: Rith, Xero XIII, Ichi93, Evomunk
Timing & typesetting: Rith, Xero XIII

AKFG Fragments

AKFGFragments is an Asian Kung-Fu Generation fan site. Here you can find lyrics, tablatures, information regarding the band, and their discography. The site is available in mulitple languages.


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